After upgrade to 7.9.8 no emails are shown on my inbox module

The connection to my gmail works, I can also view my gmail sent items using suitecrm email module, but when accessing the inbox I get:
“You currently have no records saved. CREATE or Import one now.” although I have plenty of emails on my inbox.
I’ve tried removing the email settings and recreating it with no luck.
No errors on any log.

Any help is welcome

I don’t know how to help if there is nothing in the logs… but this sounds like a serious issue, maybe you should open an Issue with it on Github, providing some more information about your system…

I have same issue

Did you set up your CRON correctly as stated in Admin->Scheduler (index.php?module=Schedulers&action=index)?
Also is the scheduled job: CHECK INBOUND MAILBOXES active and running as often as possible?
Could you post the log from this job here?

I have the same issue. As proposed i checked the schedulers and everything is set up corectly. I also checked my crontab file and everything is also ok on that side.

It seems it’s a real big bug! :ohmy:

I can confirm. This is a nasty bug

Okay, after a little of bit of testing, I was able to view the emails by selecting a custom filter. This means something is broken when you remove all filters. So I highly suspect this is related to a fix 7.9.8 ->

Is any of you a developer who can run through that new code in the PR step-by-step with a debugger, checking variables, etc.? Or would that be beyond your technical abilities?

Hi All,

I was able to fix the problem by making the changes listed here:

I am no programmer and I was able to complete relatively easily.

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Ok, that’s good news. It is already merged, so it should be included on the upcoming 7.9.9 release (judging by GitHub activity, I would say it comes out this week).

I did not test this patch, but it looks correct to me because it is setting the bounds between first message and last message which was somehow broken in the earlier referenced commit and affects the same lines.

With that being said, I think the sorting code for my taste is a little too verbose and might need some refactoring. There were too many if/else branches that made my head hurt. Not sure how / where to contribute so I’ll check the docs. Thank you for your feedback.

I see what you mean but on second thoughts I guess the code is fine, it’s just a consequence of varying number of items on screen, and a paged screen, and optional filters. So it’s not really sorting code, it’s more like UI stuff, and since the UI in SuiteCRM is eminently variable and configurable, it sometimes spawns complexity.

Daniel is a good programmer and he’s sensitive to code quality, and he knows that part of SuiteCRM better than anyone, so I trust his judgement.

That said, please do learn how to contribute and start helping out! We can do with more help from the community, especially people who are suspicious of code that looks too “branchy”! :slight_smile:


I have fresh installation of 7.10.7 and have the same issue!!!
I thought the is problem in my code (error in .zip) so I went into SuiteCRM DEMO, and guess what – SAME THING!!!

Can someone of main developers correct this in main version of CRM?