After Upgrade to 7.4 Mail Templates Error

Hi we are getting an unexpected token b ajax error when trying to use mail templates when composing a new email. We have checked permissions and looked in log file but get nothing in they (even with debug turned on) to indicate what the problem is. Chrome reports as the response

Bad data passed in

Hi dyercrm,

Is this problem resolved? I am having the same problem. Can you please let me know?

Thanks and Regards,

No we thought it may improve after upgrade to 7.5.1 but same problem persists. Unfortunately no one has acknowledged whether this is a bug or what is causing it. Full logging is on but no errors can be seen

From what I found out, there is a problem with PHP 5.6.x. I had a SuiteCRM instance installed on PHP 5.5. I don’t get the error there. It works fine. Now I have to test it with little higher versions of PHP and test whether it works.

Otherwise try to debug and fix whatever the issue is.

Thanks dyercrm.

Hi. tested it on two versions and there is problem with 5.6 php.