After upgrade to 7.11.4 opens internal email client an external when I clic on the email adress

I have updated to 7.11.4 and everything works fine so far.
But when I clic on an email adresse (in all modules) opens first the internal email client and as well the external (Outlook)
We only use the internal client and we have to close the external.
Until the upgrade everything worked well.
We have set in all profiles “SUITE CRM Email client”

Hi, welcome.

Please try it in a different browser to see if the same thing happens.

Check your browser’s settings for how to handle different kinds of URI’s.

Yes. we tried it in Firefox, Edge, Crome and always the same. Until we upgraded there wasn’t this problem.

There is no way to change any settings in the browser configuration to avoid this. It must be a problem within suiteCRM

Try a few different Repairs from Admin / Repairs, namely Javascript stuff.

If you can also try this on the live demo you can check if it’s a problem specific to your installation. Do you have add-ons and customizations, or is your installation new and “clean”?

I just upgraded my test instance to 7.11.4 and I confirm this is also happening to me… opens my default email client too (Thunderbird). :frowning: