After upgrade to 7.10.2 : click on "attach document" (or any of the bottom buttons) sends email


I recently updated my SuiteCRM installation to 7.10.2.
Since then, when I try to forward or reply to an email, things don’t work as expected.

Any click on attach file/ document / save draft / etc. attempt to send the email.

The problem doesn’t occur if I try to send a new email. But then, the email sending form is displayed as a popup and not in full-page.

More info.

Emails containing an apostrophe ’ are truncated.

The bug does not appear for every email. It seems et appears more often on HTML emails, but not on short text emails.

Tested on Firefox 58, 59 and Chrome 65.

As I was able to reproduce this problem on a clean codebase, I submitted the two bugs on github:

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These issues have been solved with 7.10.4 update.