After upgrade from suiteCRM 7.9.6 to 7.11.4 in firefox it is opening my system mailbox

Hi Everyone,

After upgrade from suiteCRM 7.9.6 to 7.11.4 only in Firefox, while clicking on email address link to send email , rather than opening suitecrm compose popup ,it is taking me to OS system’s email program like outlook/Thunderbird.

Is this going to fix in next release?

other info
PHP : 7.1
Mysql : 5.6

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In SuiteCRM,
Each user has settings to select which Email client they want to use. Can you please verify yours?

  1. SuiteCRM Mail Client: Send emails using the email client in the SuiteCRM application.
  2. External Mail Client: Send email using an email client outside of the SuiteCRM application, such as Microsoft Outlook.

In your profile, it may be selected as External Mail Client. change it to SuiteCRM Mail Client.

I have checked in Online SuiteCRM demo and it works as expected.


I have already chosen SuiteCRM Mail Client option, it is happening in Firefox only where it is working fine in Google chrome.


I think you need to change that in Firefox settings - tools, option, applications