After upgrade from 7.4.3 -> 7.6.10 -> 7.7.9, unable to map Listview Filtered items using Select All option for any tested module

Ability to Map filtered items is no longer available using the Select ALL option of all modules. Using Select Page or selecting individual items from Listview will limit those items displayed on the map.

With any module tested (Accounts, Meetings, Contacts & Opportunities), if you produce a filtered list of data via the Search screen and then choose Select All and Map, the map produced will contain all of the rows in the module rather than the filtered list.
I am unable to test this on the SalesAgility SuiteCRM Demo page because the ability to Map is no longer available there due to the lack of the Google API key.
I have fixed this problem on my system using the information in Pull #2536 and I can produce maps now.

I could not find an existing issue about this so I opened one on github…