After migration from 7.14 to 8.6 - Contracts subpanel in Accounts does not work

After migration from SuiteCRM 7.14 to 8.6 the Contracts subpanel in Accounts gives an error in the browser console:

ERROR node_modules_angular…1a513b7cb4915e.js:1
TypeError: r.match is not a function

See attached file for the complete stacktrace. None of the other panels work until this panel is switched off again. (28.0 KB)



Found the problem.

Somehow in the metadat of the subpanel the type of the ACCOUNT_CONTRACT was date insteda of relate:

‘contract_account’ =>
array (
‘type’ => ‘date’,
‘width’ => ‘20%’,
‘default’ => true,

After changing it to ‘relate’ (and running reapair) the error disappears.

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Which file is this in, exactly?

Sorry, should have mentioned that:


So this was a custom view. I used keep as merge strategy.

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