After delete custom module one-to-one relationship to Contact module, the custom module viewlist is empty

Problem: After delete custom module one-to-one relationship to Contact module, the custom module viewlist is empty

Quiestion: How to delete relationship via Studio without the problem? What can be a reason.

Is it common problem for 7.10.x ?

Thanks for responces, recomendations and help in advance.

Rights to files and directories: 755 Owner: apache.apache
System: RedHat, Linux 3.10.0-693.17.1.el7.x86_64 GNU/Linux
SuiteCRM v7.10.15 LTS Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

Logs: No errors. I see debug messages in the suitecrm.log.

I have relation between Contacts module and my own custom module.
It works well but I need change type of relation to one-to-many.
Thus I need to delete one-to-one ralationship created in Studio.

After both ways I run repair and rebuild and it is done. Also clear cache and rebuild relationships. No errors.

I try two ways to solve the problem:

  1. Studio
    After I delete via Studio the relation I have the BLANK ViewList layout for the custom module with ajax error (or without) message.
    The same result if I stay tables (check the flag to do not delete it).
    Here is no difference am I delete the relationship in the Contacts or in the custom module. The same problem is.

Also, I have the error ajax message but not always. I can disable it in config_override.php with

$sugar_config['disableAjaxUI'] = true;

But it has no impact on the blank ListView custom module layout.

The blank layout contains no table wtih data.

  1. Manual
    But I found other way how manually delete relations.

Here is citation:from
And here is the same way described:

"In case you are not allowed you can use another method. You should first delete two files:
Metadata file:
TableDictionary file: custom\Extension\application\Ext\TableDictionary~relationship_name~.php

Now you have to remove fields from both related modules:

P.S: Remember to backup before deleting any files"

Is it right way full of needed steps?
I doubt and I care this is not full list of activities to delete all information about the relationsip.
I also found by the relationship name some files related to the deleted relationship and delete it too.

This way stay the custom module ListView layout workable.
But I’m not sure I will have no problem in the future after this manual operation.


When you do the QR&R, have you tried scrolling to the bottom? Check if there is a button there telling you to “sync database with vardefs”. If there is, press it.

When you delete the relationship from Studio, do you see any left-overs in the database table fields_meta_data?

Pgr, thanks for the reply.

My next some questions:
A) Is it should work in most cases with v.7.10.x?
B) Maybe other versions has no such kind of problems?


  1. Yes, I always scroll to read all results and be sure no errors there are.
    Never see any button at the bottom of Quick Repair process.

  2. About left-overs. I can’t be sure totaly but I saw some old Labels for example.

How to control these questions? Where to search?


Sorry, I didn’t mean to say “the fields_meta_data table”, I meant the “relationships” table in the database. Check for any left-overs related to your module there.

Thanks. I’ll try it later. Now I just leave the relationship and add new one.

Just will rename the field.

But I have an issue with label renaming.
It works only if I delete in ./custom/ folder all auto-generated language files. I can change, save and reload with corrections.
Cache files are deleted.

But after that I can’t see new auto-generated files. And all works good. All changes in labels list saved and restored.


Does your labels survive a QR&R, or do they get lost?

It depends on which files you’re using in the custom folder…

Hi, pgr. What is QR&R ? Is it a table in database?

QR&R = Quick Repair and Rebuild