after creating a new relationship, click the Save&Deploy but the system does nothing

Hi all

I am trying to create a new relationship between calls and campaigns.
For a campaign I want to make some phone calls, so the relationship is One to Many.

I navigate to Administration -> Admin -> Studio -> Calls -> Relationships -> Add Relationship

I try to create a new one between Calls and Campaign, but when I press the Save&Deploy button the system simply does nothing.

It does not throw an error or anything. Even if I have tried this in different browser, even in different computer still the same result.

What also is strange, is when I navigate to Administration -> Admin -> Studio -> Campaigns -> Relationships -> Add Relationship

The value One to Many is not being displayed at all at the dropbox.

Please help us solve this issue, because it is a requirement from our customer and we do not know how to solve this.



Unfortunately, Creating custom One To Many Relationships for the Campaigns Module is not something that is possible as standard functionality.

You would have to create this Relationship and its functionality by doing custom work with SuiteCRM’s code.

There is a pots on the Sugar Dev Blog that details this:

however, I haven’t tested it so I can’t confirm whether it will work well in SuiteCRM.
I’d recommend making backups of your DB and CRM before doing this.

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