Advice regarding contracts vs invoices

Hi everyone,

I am new to SuiteCRM and am hoping you can help with a little guidance in our deployment for a customer.

We have an online store which will be generating invoices, users opt in for the invoice to be renewed after a certain period. Invoices will have a renew date, very similar to contracts. Staff using the CRM would ideally be able to generate lists/reports of upcoming renewals or we would create a dashlet which shows renewals due in the next month.

Would I be better off customising contracts to accommodate the invoices or adding a renewal date to invoices and a workflow for alerting staff of upcoming renewals and duplicating the invoice with new dates.

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Sam Hall
HN Software Consulting

Hi there,

Invoices are different from contracts.

We can’t provide consultancy, as this is not part of support, but I would say the best way to tackle this would be to send out an invoice to the user and run a workflow on a custom check on the invoice(such as the user wants to renew) and create a contract from that via the workflow.



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Cheers for the advice Will, really my issue is that I don’t fully understand the Contracts module and haven’t been able to find a lot of documentation surrounding it.

After having a bit of a further investigation I think that I might be able to keep the entire workflow in the invoice module with a CRON job which duplicates invoices a set time before the renewal date. I will add a filter field to invoices which categorises them as Renewals or Executed, it is a bit messy but I think it might be simpler as Contracts and Invoices both use line items but are not linked themselves.

I could not see an upgrade safe way of creating a Contract from Invoices and vice versa on a timed interval.

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