Advice on initial configuration

Hi Team,

Im working for a small inbound call centre (circa 20 clients) we use 3cx for our phone system.
We have each client come in through a unique DID and inbound que.
We would like to integrate 3CX with SuiteCRM to wrap up calls. So after each call we can log if the call was about option 1, option 2 option 3. So at the end of the week/month client a can receive a report that 25% of calls were regarding option 1, 50% option2, 25% option 3.
Ive installed SuiteCRM and its humming along nicely, im watching youtube videos on the setup, operation etc. But Im calling out to the experienced SuiteCRM commuity for advice on how you would handle the configuration to minimise complexity as were only using a tiny fraction of SuiteCRM’s abilities.