advice on email best practice to use shared email account


looking for advice to set up suitecrm group email in the best way.

Overall use case:

  • I want accounts to send emails to

  • I want that when accounts write to , the message goes into a queue of objects I can assign to sales user

  • if the sender email is in suitecrm already, relate to account automatically

  • I want my sales user to use only suitecrm interface to email accounts (to keep all info one the suiterm app)

  • I want the email communication account/sales user on the same subject to be threaded but always have a shared view of new/old email (like in a ticketing system)

Is this possible with suitecrm group mail account?



Yes :slight_smile:

Using AOP - Advanced Open Portal

1 - Set up outgoing email settings in admin

2 - Set up the incoming email address for emails to come into SuiteCRM inside AOP

3 - Edit the email templates inside AOP

Once all set up

The CRM creates a Case record when an email comes in

This case records links to a User, Account & Contact (if inside the CRM)

Auto emails can be sent to alert the user / confirm to the contact

Case records have an “Update thread” that allows users to see all emails that have come in and also add comments, each comment added by a user sends an email to the Contacts linked to the Case record
Users can tick “Internal Update” to prevent an email being sent to contacts

SuiteCRM assigns a Case No. that identifies the case for incoming emails, If the email subject has [CASE No.555] it will add the email to the updates thread

Using the Cases State /Status dropdowns you are able to create a custom ticketing system process

Hope this helps

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@Taufique Ahmed thanks for your help here!

Is this valid both for 7.8.x and 7.9.x? Because I heard the group emails feature was not operational (yet) on 7.9.x, can you confirm that?

thanks for the confirmation

I’m testing on Version 7.8.8

I did setup the outbound and the inbound mailbox, able to create case on inbound.

( need to have the scheduler working for inbound to work)

Now I’m experimenting with worklfows