Advanced search vs simple search

There is something that I definitely do not understand about advanced search. It doesn’t find the exact name of an account and return a lot of other things that don’t fit at all when simple search find the name.
See there :

And there :

And why cant I add files directly with the button “add files” below ?

You links landed to 404.

Advance search is meant to allow user search with more criterias and narrow down the search as compared to Quick/Basic search.
For your information, the best practise for advance search would be first to press the CLEAR button in order to remove any prefilled criterias that might produce wrong results.

Adding a Screenshot can be easily done by uploading it to you can get BBCode link and insert in your post easily.

Thank you for your tips. I got no clear button in the search. Here is the screenshots :

This is called Global Search. yes it has two options, Basic and Advanced Search. The wider results might be due to Advance Open Discovery settings which you can turn OFF from Admin -> AOD Settings and uncheck the check box. Also In Admin -> Global Search you can add/remove modules that you want to search in.

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If you need some really superfast replace of current searches, you may look like on this

this is an interesting topic.

In general, I would like to know what’s the difference between global standard/advanced search exactly is.

I always though that the basic search just includes the “name” field and the advanced search all text-fields, but this seems to be wrong.
And which cronjob is necessary to run them? Or do they work on-the-fly without any cron?

additionaly, I just saw this is in the suite-docs:

I never saw a search result that was found by the content of a file…what do I have to do to make it work?