Advanced Search is saving with the Same Name


I saved an advanced search as “New York Leads”. Then I changed the criteria and gave the same name “New York Leads” again while saving. It didnt update the previous saved search, it just created a new saved search with the same name.

Can I stop this from happening? Please guide me.

Thanks and Regards,

You can update an existing saved searched by selecting the desired search in the ‘Saved Search’ drop down > Update your criteria then click ‘UPDATE’

If you click ‘SAVE’ this will create a new search instead of updating :slight_smile:

I know, I told the same thing to my users.

But they are insisting that it should have a duplicate check and should prompt the user if they try to save with the same name.


Ok :slight_smile:
Maybe a good suggestion would be to raise that on github as a suggestion and the developers could look into that