Advanced Search Disable "Conditions" Module

Hi All,
I’m having some difficulties with my advanced global search.
I’ve disabled all modules apart from my custom modules from the Global Search.
When performing a search I keep returning results from the “conditions” module and I haven’t been able to find a way to prevent them from showing.

I’ve performed a truncate of the aod_index and aod_indexevent tables along with rebuilding the Index folder in \modules\AOD_Index\Index\Index.

I’m wondering whether anyone else has reported a similar issue and whether they have been able to resolve?
Attached is a screenshot of the issue.

What is this “Conditions” module? Is it also a custom module done by you? Can you check it’s settings regarding search?

I don’t have a conditions module. Not sure why the search results is showing these conditions results. I’m not sure where its receiving these results from.

This can be closed. I found that the vardefs of AOR_Conditions had ‘unified_search’ => true,
I changed these values to false, performed quick repair, truncate Index and IndexEvents tables and performed a lucene index through the scheduler which has rebuilt the index. After rebuilding the index condition results are no longer being listed in searches.