Advanced OpenWorkflow not triggering


I would like to set up a workflow where every day after somebody visits, they are automatically sent an email that says “Thank you for visiting”.

Visitors will be exported from our visitor management system (Jolly Technologies Lobby Track), normalized & scrubbed, and imported into SuiteCRM.

I do not want visitors to get duplicate emails, so I set up a checkbox field in Studio with a default value of “blank” that the workflow will automatically populate as “checked”. In addition, I created a text box in studio where I will put in the host name (The host will not always be me) so the email messages are personalized. I will create separate workflows and email templates for each host.

It looks as if everything is set up correctly, but the workflow just isn’t running and I can’t quite figure out why. The “Process Audit” section is blank.

Here is the process I have set up:

  1. I import or create a contact with the text box value “Host Name”.
  2. The workflow checks if the “Thanks for visiting email sent” checkbox is checked. If it is blank, the workflow proceeds.
  3. The workflow checks who the host is. If it is a match, the workflow proceeds.
  4. The workflow sends the “Thanks for visiting” email using the appropriate host’s name.
  5. The workflow populates the “Thanks for visiting email sent” checkbox with a value of checked, so the workflow doesn’t send duplicate messages. “Repeated Runs” is on, but the workflow shouldn’t run twice if the workflow marks the checkbox.

I have highlighted the fields that match in the attached screenshots. Values are copied and pasted, no spaces.

The server is brand new Windows IIS7 server, using a fresh install of SuiteCRM 7.1.4. Status of the workflow is “Active”. Tried the “Quick Repair & Rebuild” already.

The only issues I can see is an error in the Chrome console that says “Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CACHE_MISS” (No, I’m not running adblock). Tried again in incognito, same symptoms.

Also, I get this message in the sugarcrm.log file:

01/15/15 16:30:52 [7440][1][FATAL] project_resource for projects_contacts_resources failed to load

• Is there anything wrong with how I the workflow set up? It seems correct.
• Are there any additional debugging tools that I can activate to figure out exactly why the workflow isn’t performing as expected?

I would be happy to provide any additional documentation or screenshots. Any ideas on how to get my workflow to run?


Hi Ryanf,

If it is a new server have you set up the scheduler cron job? If this has not been set up you would not see any workflows run.



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THANK YOU!!! That was my problem.

Here is what I did to fix it.

  1. Created a text file called “scheduler.bat” with the contents:
cd D:\SugarCRM\sugarcrm
"C:\Program Files (x86)\PHP\v5.3\php.exe" -f cron.php
  1. Set up windows task scheduler to run this every hour.

It runs the workflow, and everything works as expected.

However, if I run the batch file manually through the command line, I noticed that the console floods the screen with this error message:

PHP Notice: Undefined index: module in D:\SugarCRM\sugarcrm\modules\AOW_WorkFlow\AOW_WorkFlow.php on line 134

I am not sure what that message means… but everything works.