Advanced Open Workflow Emails Failing

I’ve configured a very simple process in Advanced Open Workflow that has a condition of campaign = Website Contact Us and actions 1) update the status field from new to assigned and 2) send an email based on a template. The status field is getting updated but the email is failing.

Originally I set it up as three process’ that sent three emails one week apart. Emails two and three were sent successfully but the initial email failed. Does anyone know what might be causing the emails to fail. Since I was able to get some emails to go I’m thinking that my email configuration works (and email campaigns work fine as well).

I’ve struggled with this issue for a couple of hours and any help would be greatly appreciated. Screenshot of the process attached.

Issue resolved. I applied the 7.1.4 patch and the emails are going out. I was on 7.1.2.

I just noticed a new issue which I hope someone can help with. When we receive a new website lead we want to send an email respose immediately, a second email in 7 days, and a final email in 14 days. I set this up as three separate processes. All emails are now firing- problem is, they are all firing immediately.

As an example, for the second email, I set the process up using the following conditions: Leads -> Date Created -> Equal To -> Date -> Date Created -> + -> 7 -> Days.

Despite this, it is sending immediately. (see screen shot)

Any suggestions?


Try ‘Date Created / Less Than or Equal To / Date / Now - 7 Days’ as your second condition line - Is this not working? I just re-read the post and see your point as the condition should never fire.



‘Date Created / Less Than or Equal To / Date / Now - 7 Days’ still sends the email immediately.

I’ve tested this with many combinations and the emails either do not fire or all three fire immediately. Is anyone else using Advanced Open Workflow to schedule and send delayed email followups. If so, I’d very much like to hear back from you to determine if the problem is unique to my configuration or if this feature simply does not work in Advanced Open Workflow.