Advanced Open Supply Chain

What would it take to build a module for SuiteCRM - “Advanced Open Supply Chain”. AOSC.

Goal: Make AOSC compatible with SugarCRM 6.x and SuiteCRM 7.x, and SugarCRM 7.x, so it can generate revenue from both user bases!

Purpose of the module, To manage the business relationships with your Vendors , also known as, basic Supply Chain Management.

Similar to Advanced Open Sales, but a mirror image. You buy raw materials from your Supply Chain (Vendors), you add value to it, then you sell, with AOS, to your Accounts and Contacts.

AOSC Modules:
Vendors - companies who you buy from. Similar to Accounts. Related individual Contacts.
Purchase Orders - the document that triggers a buy from a Vendor.
Invoices - for collecting the Invoices you receive from Vendors for items bought where payment is still due.
Bill of Materials - for multi part or multi vendor purchases or purchase orders ?
RFP / RFQ (request for proposal / request for quote) - for soliciting prices, possibly from multiple vendors, for items of goods or services. Bidding, and various goods/services Proposals that may have different features, lowest price may not necessarily be the winner. Use Campaigns to solicit interest in the RFP/RFP from many qualified Vendors.

Thoughts ?

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It is something we have discussing for a while at SalesAgility but it has never made it on to an immediate roadmap. It would be great to get the communities feedback and suggestions on this!

Hi there…

It is something we are looking for as well…
It would be great to have a supply chain management module natively integrated in SuiteCRM. For instance for my current client (travel agency) many contacts are hotels, restaurants or city guides to whom we purchase a service. They are companies (accounts) but not clients, they are providers.

FYI at this time we manage invoicing and purchases through Factusol (on-premise software).