Advanced Open Reports vs SugarCRM Pro Reports

Hi All,

we’re in the process of configuring up SuiteCRM 7.2 and moving away from SugarCRM Pro. So far so good, but…

The Reporting and Dashlets is an important feature that we’re struggling to replicate fully in SuiteCRM 7.2.

In SugarCRM Pro, we have Run-time Reports that report on live data based on the logged in user credentials/ access permissions, which then in-turn display a dashlet chart (in the form of a stacked horizontal bar chart). This works very well for us.

However, have spent several hours configuring the reports and dashlets in SuiteCRM 7.2, I can seem to find the ‘run time’ functionality nor the ability to report data based on logged in user. Stacked horizontal bar chart doesn’t seem possible either.

Please can someone point me to the documentation for Advanced Open Reports (I’ve searched by can’t locate the relevant notes) or suggest a solution.

Many thanks,


Check out Alineasol Reports module.
It offers a few more options on reports compared to the standard SuiteCRM Reporting module.

Couple of notes…
You have to load two modules. Common Modules and the Report Module.
Also…There is an issue with the name of the module so do a little research first before you install.

The name of the module is the same is the same as SuiteCRM report module so they both appear as Report in the memu.
I renamed the language file before install and edited the field that said Reports to AlineaSol Reports and it seems to work well for me.

edit the en_us.lang.php file in /custom/include/language, add ‘asol_Reports’ => ‘AlineaSol Reports’, in the ModuleList array.

Do we have to update at all this places in en_us.lang.php?

$app_list_strings[‘moduleList’][‘asol_Reports’]=‘Alineasol Reports’;

$app_list_strings[‘moduleListSingular’][‘asol_Reports’]=‘Alineasol Report’;

‘asol_Reports’ => ‘Alineasol Reports’,