Advanced Open Portal - Updating for Joomla! 3.x

Hi there!

I have been working a lot with advanced open portal, customizing it to fit my own suiteCRM instance.

It seems like AOP was written for Joomla 2.x, since there is a lot of deprecated code useage… ie: using JRequest instead of JInput.
There are some other issues involving using singleton patterns (globals), which also could be remedied using Joomla’s existing framework (although I can see why, given Joomla’s restrictive file access).

:whistle: Anyways, I hope I am not coming off like I am trying to insult the AOP devs, because I would be completely lost without you guys, trying to use the SuiteCRM Rest API on my own!

At this point though, I am considering rewriting a lot of the existing code, but I was wondering if there are plans for a new release any time soon that would remedy those sorts of issues.

Thank you!

There aren’t any immediate plans, so if you do update any of the code we would appreciate if you could contribute back by creating a PR on the AOP GitHub Repo.