Advanced Open Portal (AOP) Allow non Sugar Contacts to submit cases

Another interesting question here on AOP integration to Sugar.

We are using it with Cases.
We are granting access to the Support Portal for all the first level contacts we expect to interact with, however our old support portal allowed user to submit a request without registering. This may not be ideal for various security/spam reasons but it did lower overall maintenance cost.

  1. Is there a way to allow un-registered users to submit a request and still have it show up in Sugar CRM Cases?
  2. Have you considered a way to enable self registration at the support portal, and have that registration create a contact record/approval flow in Sugar CRM?
  3. Will the user creation process be initiated via a simple data load - i.e. it is db trigger driven, or would it require a script to be run? Is it easily exposed through the Web Service API?

Thanks for all the amazing tools that you guys are providing, and the outstanding forum support!
** Also looking forward to someone contributing to the WordPress Integration that is on your roadmap. :wink:


Hi Bill,

  1. There’s currently no support for that. In order to do this you would need to change the SugarCasesConnection::isValidPortalUser method to always return true. This would need some testing however as parts of the portal will be using the sugar contact id associated with a user.

  2. This is a good idea and one we would look into adding but I couldn’t say when that would be.

  3. User meaning the joomla user?

Thank you for the help Jim,

  1. I see why this might not be a good idea.
  2. Sounds good, do you want me to enter it in the “suggestion box” as a new thread?
  3. I mean from within Sugar CRM UI or Database. Could I run some action to set all of the contacts (say on a target list) to create them a portal user account in batch/mass - as apposed to one at a time.

So if we are loading users who used our old poratl in as contacts in Sugar CRM, than we could also save clicks and not have to click on every person in Sugar Contact Details screen to grant them access to Joomla support portal.

  1. Yep, good to have it stored somewhere, especially since I have a memory like a sieve!

  2. There’s no support for this at the moment but it is definitely a good idea and would be useful for people with a large list of users (such as yourself). You could perhaps fake this in the meantime by scripting calls to the appropriate action in sugar ( but this would’t be a supported way of doing it.