Advanced Lead Forms.

I want to be a bit more sophisticated with my lead forms.

After populating with data, I would like to look up to see if it is an account / contact. If found, I would like to do something with this contact / account such as updating a field or creating a note / task etc.

If it is not found in accounts / contacts then I would like to do the same in Leads.

If not found there, I would like to create a new lead.

Any ideas?


Hi David,

Again, as mentioned with the duplication check, you may be able to develop logic hooks that handle this functionality.

Have you looked at the developer documentation for SugarCRM Community Edition(core of SuiteCRM)?



If your company runs a Joomla site, there are at least 3 Joomla extension available, that lets you get more sophisticated with your contact forms.

RichContact Pro, Contacts And Leads Capture, and SugaryCB.

The contact form would be hosted on your joomla site, and the extension adds the contact or lead to your SuiteCRM list via remote call from Joomla to Suite.
Check em out on SugarOutitters and the Joomla Extensions Directory (JED)

We just moved from Joomla to Wordpress.
Wonder if we could embed a joomla page within a wordpress page.


RichContact Pro
(Not sure if Rich Contact Pro works perfectly - some reviews were not positive - but might have been user error - however it’s not listed on sugar outfitters - possibly for a reason…)

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