Advanced filter - Order by column

How do i add a field to the ‘order by column’ in the advanced search of a listview?

I want to set the default sort order of opportunity, but can’t because the field i want to sort by does not appear in the ‘order by column’ dropdown,

I’m not sure where it gets that from, maybe from the listviewdefs, like this one?

While testing, I suggest you try your changes there directly first, just to see if it works; when you nail it, then move it into a proper custom/Extension file, to make sure it stays upgrade safe.

Other places to look are (under the same directory) the SearchFields and searchdefs files.

i have not managed to add the column to the filter popup yet, and unfortunately ‘sortable’ did not work for me.

However, i managed to sort the column by clicking the sort arrow on the column header and then running quick filter - then rearranging the columns.

In order to see a field in the Order by column dropdown, it must be a field in the Layout for ListView in the Default column. If you use Studio to make this change, you will see your column show up in the Order by Column dropdown.

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