Advance Search in Meetings module, filtered by starting date not working

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After upgrading from version 7.14.1 to 7.14.3,
In the advanced search, I set the start date Equals to 05/19/2024 (or any other date) and hit the search button, but the displayed result is always related to today’s date. (2024/05/21)
SuiteCRM Version is:
Version 7.14.3
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)


here are a few things you can try, in order to understand if it is a bug

  • try it on the online demo (user:will / pass: will) to see if it is the same there

  • check your logs for any messages at the time of that search

  • check also for errors in your browser’s developer console

Thank you for your response, in suitecrm.log I found this:

Query Failed: SELECT `meetings`.name AS 'Subject0', `meetings`.description AS 'Description1', `meetings`.created_by AS 'Created_By2', `meetings`.date_entered AS 'Date_Created3', `meetings`.date_start AS 'Start_Date4', `meetings:accounts`.name AS 'Name5', `meetings:case`.account_id AS 'Account_Name6', `meetings:accounts`.industry AS 'Proficiency7', `meetings:accounts`.billing_address_state AS 'Office_State8', `meetings:accounts`.billing_address_city AS 'Office_City9', `meetings`.id AS 'meetings_id', `meetings:accounts`.id AS 'meetings:accounts_id', `meetings:case`.id AS 'meetings:case_id' FROM `meetings` LEFT JOIN accounts `meetings:accounts` ON `meetings`.parent_id=`meetings:accounts`.id AND `meetings:accounts`.deleted=0
 AND `meetings`.parent_type = 'Accounts'
LEFT JOIN cases `meetings:case` ON `meetings`.parent_id=`meetings:case`.id AND `meetings:case`.deleted=0
 AND `meetings`.parent_type = 'Cases'
 WHERE ( (`meetings`.date_start = '' OR `meetings`.date_start IS NULL) AND (`meetings`.created_by = '' OR `meetings`.created_by IS NULL) ) AND  meetings.deleted = 0  LIMIT 0,20: MySQL error 1525: Incorrect DATETIME value: ''

before upgrading, its working but now I have NULL in query:
meetings.date_start = '' OR meetings`.date_start IS NULL

also it says: convert: Conversion of 2024-05-25 00:00 from m/d/Y H:i to Y-m-d failed

what do you suggest next?

Did it work well in the live demo?

In live demo, in meeting’s advanced filter, there is no date section by default. And I cannot access admin section to add date to filter to test it. So I cannot verify that.

I recall seeing this before…