Administrator privlegees and impersonation

I believe that one of the differences between SugarCRM Community Edition and Profesional Edition was that in Professional the admin user could impersonate another user’s account. As SuiteCRM is a fork of CE 6.5, I presume that the admin user in SuiteCRM 7.1.1 cannot impersonate another user’s account. Am I correct?

I am asking this because this impersonation ability is useful in configuring a RIVA Cloud connection to SugarCRM as it means one admin account can access all the individual user’s SugarCRM account information. Otherwise you have to give RIVA Cloud the details of all the SugarCRM accounts separately, which works but is just a bit more messy to manage going forward.

I would appreciate a quick response on this as I have to get it all working this week.

This can be done utilising Security Suite, although you have to purchase the full version as only the basic version is included in SuiteCRM.

I actually purchased the SecuritySuite just before you announced SuiteCRM. I have been using SuiteCRM since you released it and have version 7.1.1. running. I have not installed my purchased copy of SecuritySuite because of the built in version. I bought the BASIC version of securitySuite so I do not believe that allows impersonation. I think there was a higher version that stated it offered what it described as “login/Sudo as any user”, which is what I think RIVA call impersonation. Do you agree with my analysis?

Correct, Login/Sudo is a feature of the Full Edition of SecuritySuite. It’s a really useful tool that saves admins/trainers/etc a huge amount of time:

i came across this awesome and simple code to accomplish just that:

here’s a quick guide on how to add it to your CRM installation:

always a good idea to do a back up or test it on a dev environment before going into production.
hope this helps