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I apologise if already posted, but could not find under search for “Administration”

I am new to SuiteCRM, and we have found this after having a bespoke Lotus Domino Application and now we have the need to move away from this to something else. Being the Designer / Admin I have been tasked with this and found your product which should suffice nicely.
I just have a couple of issues with the Admin panel which seems to confuse me.

  1. I am not going to mention the Themes (except colours are much to be desired - but layout is fine - choosing primary/secondary colour without changing layout at all would be a bonus - as many companies just have two colours for there company image) - I know I can edit the CSS but …
  2. Why in the Main Admin list, once you choose an option there is not a standard “Back” button?
  3. I have to keep choosing Administrator - Admin to get back to the list
  4. In some settings there is Save/Cancel, others not
  5. In some settings the Save/Cancel takes you back to the main admin list, others stay in those settings?
  6. You can only choose Theme/Layout for user - not for main Login screen
  7. Can you set default for new users of Theme/Layout?
  8. Icons on Admin Screen when set to “Night” are nearly invisble (oops mentioned Theme - sorry)

Excuse my first post - but the product looks great and cannot wait to start fully using it.

Hi, welcome!

  1. In 7.10, you can chose a different color set from a set of 4, see

2/3. You use the Browser’s “back” button. It’s nice to teach this to CRM users, it’s very useful and not all of them think of that possibility (like you didn’t). There are some quirks when going back through Edit pages though, you get that browser message about resending.

  1. Can you give me examples? I assume if you don’t have a “Save” button, it’s because changes are immediately saved.

  2. Again, examples?

  3. Correct. Sorry

  4. Not directly, no. There are add-ons to do this, and there are ways to tweak it from the database. But these 4 “sub-Themes” are very new in SuiteCRM and some things are still left to be done… I agree this would be useful

  5. New icons are coming soon, wait a couple of small versions and tell me what you think of it

For simple CSS changes like the “2 colors” of the Company’s image, this might help

Hi, Thank you


  1. Yes I agree about four colours(layouts) but I meant to change to company colours i.e. ours is black/yellow - layout is good so only would need colour palette choices.

2/3. Yes I was getting a few “Resend” ones when in the system, and most systems have back buttons as well as using the Browser Back button - so Yes & no. This happens randomly as well when going in and out of Admin Settings.

  1. Inbound eMail, but maybe does not be need to be in there - so Agreed, forget this one. But it does not state if saved immediately or not. Surely Save should only become active if a change has been made ? (if poss)

  2. Currencies, Press Cancel - Nothing happens

6/7. OK, nothing to be sorry about - just would be good consistency and good for default/new user to get System setting

  1. Okey dokey

Thanks for the link - that will give me a nice Friday afternoon read.

Thanks for the quick responses - much better than most :slight_smile: