Admin section displaying 'LBL_MANAGE_ROLES_TITLE' not value

I have been installing and using SuiteCRM since the inception and do not understand this. I installed the current version and setup a new instance with new DB.

All modules are fine except for the Administration Section. All screens are doing the same, displaying the ‘LBL_USERS_TITLE’ not the value of the title.

Any suggestions??

I found a partial answer. Some file / directory in the install needs different permissions. I tried setting all to 777 and that fixed the issue. I used the installation instructions to set the permissions so I think there is an additional file that needs to be added to the list.

If it is a permissions issue try the following:

  1. reset permissions
  2. run quick repair and rebuild
  3. reset permissions again
  4. run repair->each of the javascript/js and, possibly relationships
  5. reset permissions again
  6. log out
  7. log in again
  8. clear browser cache
  9. navigate to a few pages in SuiteCRM and clear browser cache if something is still wrong

Hopefully this should help

Additionally you may have to set permissions correctly in your config.php file.