Admin Home Screen/Dashboard Blank after upgrading to Suitecrm 7.13.4

Hello all,

Need help! We upgraded suitecrm to 7.13.4. with PHP 7.4 version. Now, when we go to home page using admin logins. We just get blank home page for dashboard. In our MariaDB 10.6, we have user_preferences table which is carry forward from old DB and it has data. Is it permission issue or are we missing some library to install? Is anyone else faced same issue?

Thank you in advance!

Update the permissions.

The update tool has changed directory/file permissions of ‘something’ during it’s update.

sudo chmod -R 755 .

sudo chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload config_override.php

Should get you to seeing the dashboard again :slight_smile:

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Check your logs

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Is it sudo chmod -R 755 or 775?

It is like @dhuntress wrote, 755 in one, 775 in the other.

But not that those are generic recommendations, it depends on your permission scheme, there might be valid variations.

It is very important to get the ownerships right (the chown command). The user must be the same user that your web server is using to run, if it’s not www-data you need to adapt the chown command to your case.

ps aux | grep apache

Should show you what’s running apache :slight_smile: so you know what to chown to

Thank you pgr and dhuntress.

Permissions and ownership are set properly.

I was not able to access admin dashboard because one of the plugin(addon) had license error. I commented those code and now able to view admin dashboard.