Admin email Address Question?

I always thought that the Admin emails came from the “system” email in the outbound email settings. I just changed up my dmarc settings on my personal domain to not allow others to send from my email address and got a surprise because on some SuiteCRM installations I’m the Administrator and have my personal email address as the admin (which I want to be able to reset my password should the need arise) but to my surprise the admin emails are coming from my personal email address as the administrator and I guess routed through the “system” email which causes them to get blocked by my dmarc policy.

So I changed out my email address in my SuiteCRM account for those installations to solve the immediate problem. But is there someway to both keep my admin user email to my personal email domain and have the admin email come addresssed from the client’s domain?

(I get this wouldn’t be a common problem because end users would setup the admin account with an email address from their domain typically).

This is the typical “From name” and “From Address” mess that plagues many places of SuiteCRM code. You’d just have to find the place in the code where it’s coming from and try to fix it. The hard part is to fix it without breaking something else…