Admin Connectors module - blank page crash bug

When you view the Connectors page, it gives a white page.

Error in the php log says it can’t find the class ConnectorsController…

Looking at the source of modules/Connectors/controller.php it shows the class CustomConnectorsController but not the class ConnectorsController.

Looking at github sugarcrm_dev , the file is different, it contains the class ConnectorsController not CustomConnectorsController

Looking further at suitecrm github, it appears the class ConnectorsController is in the custom/modules/Connectors/controller.php - the reverse of what it probably should be - it should be in the standard system location, with the CustomConnectorsController in the custom/modules/Connectors/controller.php

Is this a bug ?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for highlighting this.

If you could log it as a bug on GitHub, we can investigate for the next release.



Done. Issue 97.