Admin assigns "Reports To" and User can no longer save their own profile settings.

If the administrator assigns a value to the “reports to” field in a user profile, the user can no longer save their own profile settings.
The following error is displayed for “reports to” [color=#ff0000]No match for field: Reports to[/color]

Note that no value for “reports to” is displayed on the users profile page when they are logged in.

If the “reports to” field is subsequently cleared, the user is once more able to save their settings.

Do you have the setting set that prevents users from seeing other users not in their security group?

I would say this is an issue with how you have security groups set up.

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Thanks Andy,

You have given me a viable work around. I did have the “Filter User List” checked in Security Groups Management.

However, I still think that this behavior should be reviewed further. The “Assigned To” field is read only on the user profile page when that page is being edited by the actual user. So I do think that the rule “Non-admin users can only assign to users in the same group(s)” is being applied incorrectly here.



Possibly we will look into it.