Address fields do not populate

Hi - I’m new to SuiteCRM and to using forums, so I may be asking a stupid question.

I have downloaded SuiteCRM 7.9.8 so that we can trial it for our business. All is looking good, except that the addresss fields in the detail view of Accounts and Contacts do not populate. For example, the Billing Address and Shipping address in Accounts do not display the address data, despite the fact that the data is visible if I edit the account record. If I double click in the address box with inline editing enabled, then the address information is displayed, but disappears on browser refresh or navigation to another record, then returning. If I disable inline editing, then the address data is never displayed.

I assumed that I had missed a PHP module at installatio0n, but I note that the SuiteCRM demo exhibits the same behaviour. Is this a bug, intended behaviour, a browser dependency (though I’ve tried Firefox and Chrome) or finger trouble on my behalf?

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