Address field in layout

Hello, I just got started with Suite CRM and so far, so wonderful. However there is one, no doubt silly, problem that I can’t resolve.

I want to add an extra field to the billing address.
In Studio > Accounts > Layouts > Edit View the billing address is shown as a single field: billing_street, which somehow gets exploded into billing_street, billing_city, billing_postalcode, etc. in the UI.

I can’t seem to find anything in the documentation on how this works and browsing around or “playing around” doesn’t bring me anything.

Can somebody point me in the right direction here? Many thanks.

The address is itself a Field Type which you can see in the Data Type list while creating Fields from Studio. If you need a new entity in it, it would be best to create a New custom field In Admin -> Studio -> YOUR MODULE -> Fields and add new field here. This you can show just below Billing Address and users can fill this.

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The other option is to modify the Address Field type.

Check this link for some ideas:



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Thanks guys,

Managed to follow the example and (with some trial and error) achieved my goal.

Must admit however that I still don’t quite “get it”.

Let’s give it some time and a bit of a learning curve :slight_smile: