Additional Task Stats 'Canceled' same as Closed

I think I already know the answer to this but I’ll double check. I want to use an additional new task Status = Canceled. I want it to consider the Task the same as Completed but just be mark Canceled. When you mark a task closed (change the status or check the box in the task subpanel, that makes the task closed, and puts a line through it. I assume that is ‘hardcoded’ into SuiteCRM and there is no setting somewhere that would make the system consider a task that has status ‘Canceled’ as being essentially the same as completed (or closed).

I looked into the code and there are several places where it’s hard coded for two specific states. For example, in the History subpanel:

'where' => "(tasks.status='Completed' OR tasks.status='Deferred')"

So if you’re not currently using the Deferred state then that’s the one I’d recommend. You can probably even change it’s label to Canceled while leaving the internal name as Deferred so it triggers those hard-coded filters correctly.