Additional sub menu at main menu


I need to add additional submenu at the part of MAIN menu (not User part at left side), that is leading to external URL (this sub menu needs not to open specific module, but external URL).

For example I have main menu

Clients (with sub menus Sub-menu1-1, sub-menu1-2, sub-menu1-3)
Tasks (with sub menus Sub-menu2-1, sub-menu2-2, sub-menu2-3)
Reports (with sub menus Sub-menu3-1, sub-menu3-2)

and I need to Reports menu add one more sub menu item opening, naming it Analytics.

What file do I need to modify? :slight_smile:

Suite CRM v 7.10.5

Sugar v 6.5.25 (build 344)

Theme: SuiteP

Check this sample:



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