Additional Detail dialog/popup size from listview

I’m looking at implementing an “Additional Details” dialog/popup to the edit view of the quotes module and wanted to reuse the functionality provided in the listview through additionalDetails.php. Unfortunately I’m not able to re-size the dialog/popup from its default values. Anyone been able to do so?

This took us a long time to figure out, but it’s doable. Make a custom version of the style.css if you don’t have one (copy it from /themes/SuiteR/css to custom/themes/SuiteR/css) and add css for .ui-dialog. You have to define the size elements as !important or they get overwritten by the javascript. Here’s what I ended up using for mine:

.ui-dialog {
    max-height: 300px !important;
    position: fixed;
    overflow: scroll;
    resize: both;

Hope that helps!

I have already decided to go a different direction but will definitely try your tip next time I need such a thing. Thanks.