Adding the ability to add additional custom fields as required to a panel

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I am not sure if I am in the correct forum to ask this question, if I am not please could I ask you to point me to the correct forum.

I was wondering if there was built in functionality in SuiteCRM to add a drop box multiple times to a panel on a new line much like there is an addition button above email address which enables you to create multiple email addresses for a customer.

I have a scenario where we have a sales team and that deal with fleets of vehicles. Each fleet could be made up of multiple makes and models of vehicles. I have added parent child relationship drop down boxes and this will cater for fleets that are made up of one vehicle make and model. I would like to know if the functionality to add a second, third etc row is available so that the sales person can create as makes and models combos as they require for a customer, with out having to do custom development for this?



Unfortunately I think to do what your asking would require custom development. It would not be a big job look into adding a custom field type that svaes the values in a similar fashion to a multiu-select

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Thank you for the feed back, it is much appreciated. I will look at doing the development.