Adding Text Area to Quote Module

My apologies again for the newbie question, I’ve been scouring the web, this forum, and the admin area of the CRM.

My sales team would like to be able to add notes to their clients when sending out quotes… a simple text area that they can fill out, generate into a pdf, and email out via Sugar.

I’m currently staring at Studio>Quotes>Layouts>DetailView… and I’m lost. Is there anyway to just write in the markup for this? The content in the text area doesn’t need to be saved to a database, it just needs to render out in the PDF (so each member of my sales team can add a couple of sentences to their respective clients).

(please note, this is not related to my previous post concerning editable text fields on already-generated PDF files).

Thank you in advance!

please read this guide to understand how studio works and then this guide to understand how to add custom fields to pdf templates

best regards