Adding reminder text above a Case

I want to add text above a Case as a reminder for my team to take the steps and remember to do certain things.

In the attached, is where I would like to add this text. How can I do this please?

Many thanks

Best to maybe use a task instead, like should follow up.

thanks @Mac-Rae. I don’t follow though?
Are you suggesting to create some kind of automated task that is sent out to anyone closing the Case that they need to take the steps

Sorry, never fully understood your request and didn’t really give much info to you ether :joy:

Ok so, the text above is achievable however not sure the best way to achieve this. I’ll do some asking around.

As an alternative, yes, creating a workflow that will created a set of task with due dates that will provided reminders to your assigned users. These can simply be marked as complete and therefore easier to track.

Even if you did want to add the text at the top, if you make that text dynamic you could base it off related tasks and therefore you have a nice way to control what’s displayed at the top.

Just a suggestion tho :v: