Adding Projects and ProjectTask to calendar?

This is my first foray into “the calendar”. I’ve got a project for a kitchen remodeller and I’d like to use Projects as “Jobs” and of course the related tasks.

I see in Calendar that there are two commented out lines in:


"ProjectTask" => array("showCompleted" => true,"start" =>  "date_start", "end" => "date_finish"),    
"Project" => array("showCompleted" => true,"start" =>  "estimated_start_date", "end" => "estimated_end_date")

It looks like this was a planed future addtion…

Uncommenting them out seems to make them appear on the calender (kind of). Project tasks look ok, however, Projects just show the start date, and then the end date and don’t show up like an Event would that would span over a few days.

I see there are a few threads already, many with no answers and a couple that basically say add the lines above. I’ve tried to delve through all the other related files. Hope if someone has done this before you can point me in the right place and save some time.

Basicallly, I’m looking to make Projects show up properly as a multi-day event.

It would be nice to add Cases as well (I’m using those for service calls). I think cases are easy becasue they would be one day events, it’s the multi-day projects I cant get to show over multiple days.

One of my very old, still open PR’s on GitHub is a calendar feature:

Have a look at it too see how to change the options passed to fullcalendar, the underlying package.

I don’t know if it’s the same mechanism when used from projects but I would assume that it is.

EDIT: here’s the link:

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Thanks @pgr I spent all last night going through all the calendar files. From what I’m seeing for things like tasks it makes the start date= end date show it only shows one day on the calender. I made a bunch of mods and exceptions for Projects to have an actual end date but still no luck. I’ll keep at it. Thanks I’ll check your PR on Github.