Adding new options and workflows

Is it possible to add new fields into customer? and is it possible to have a workflow in the background e.g. email sent to specific person when customer created.


You can create new fields by navigating to: Admin > Studio > (Select the Module you wish to add fields to) > Fields

Here, you can create new fields, or edit existing fields.

After you have created the fields, you will have to add them to the layout.
You can do this by navigating to Admin > Studio > (Select the module that you are adding fields to) > Layouts

On the layouts screen, Select “Edit view” and drag your field from the “Toolbox” section into the layout and then Save & Deploy.
Do the same for the “Detail View”

Also, Yes, you can have a workflow that will send e-mails when a record is created.
In the “Actions” section of the workflow, you can select “Send Email”

You are then able to configure the workflow to send e-mails to Users in the CRM, or specific E-mail addresses.

However, you must ensure that your CRM’s Outgoing Email settings are valid. (Found in Admin > Email Settings)
Else, the E-mails will not be sent.