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💀 Adding more tools to TinyMFC kills the email editor [After upgrade to7.12.6]

Ok, so we upgraded to the newest version:

and went then as we have in the past to:
‘*modules/Emails/include/ComposeView/EmailsComposeView.js* ’
and then added back the code we use at line 1387. Below our two custom versions which we used in the past with success:
“Lighter version”:
“Extended version”:

But by doing that is basically kills the e-mail editor:

Now if we go back and reverse the code change to:
then the e-mail editor (leads or >> directly Alll >> E-mail), loads perfectly fine but without all the other tools obviously:

Any thoughts on how to fix this please?

Thanks in advance.
Kind regards

So when you attempt to load these plugins it fails miserably too:
and the html template fails also and loads as plain text.

@pgr do you know anything about this maybe and how to solve it?

Thanks again…

Check for errors in your browser’s developer console

Hi pgr :smile:
Thanks for your reply.

Well I solved the second part (Failed to initialize XYZ…), that was a pure permission issue with the folders.

However I’m not sure why our code (The Pastebin versions), is falling. I did manage to tweak the code so it loads most of the things I want. But as far as the original custom code I not sure what isn’t playing well with the new version of SuiteCRM. :thinking:

Kind regards

One wierd thing i still notice is that the editor still pre-loads the html template as text. you have to switch back and forth between the accounds before it loads the html e-mail template correctly. Everything used to work perfectly pior ro updating to this version…

Kind regards