Adding more info to "Call Reminder"-email


I would like to add some more info the Call Reminder email that get’s sent as an alert (found here: include/language/en_us.notify_template.html). I would need to to add the phonenumber of the contact i’m going to call. This would make it possible to dial direct from my mobilephone by clicking the phonenumber. I tried to add {CALL_TO}, but that value is empty in the email sent out :frowning:

Is there by the way a list of what variables that can be used in emails?

Anyone? :frowning:

Probably (sorry but I haven’t tried), instead of the call reminder you could use a template that you create within SuiteCRM and a workflow that sends the email when certain conditions are met (for example: 1 day before the call).

In this way you wouldn’t have to customise any code.

Also, read this thread

you’ll see where in the code all the variables get loaded, so they become available to the template.