Adding Mass Update fields, need extra fields..

When I select some certain Accounts (by Country for example) then I click Mass Update and take, as a test, the 20 Accounts (per Page)

Then I see below:

Assigned User (empty)
Industry ( can make dropdown choice)
Opt Out
Type (dropdown choice)

But I need some extra field (s) to insert there, like ShippingCost (eg. USD 100 for USA)
Where to get these extra fields… ?


I think you are wanting to add more ‘mass update’ fields if im correct?

What you need to do in this case is navigate to the Module in studio.

navigate to the field component for the module in studio

then select the field which you want to add as a field for mass update

there will be a checkbox called ‘Mass Update’

This will make the field a mass update field option in your list view

I did what you said, but the field FrRot ( Integer) to be updated, clicking on that field there is NOT a MassUpdate to be checked, it is not there even.
see attachment…
Let me know it it important for me…!

Just for your guidance I have latest SuiteCRM 7.5.2. but in the earlier version it was not there even
The field to be Mass Updated is FrRot…(Integer)

See also attachment where I need some extra fields to be updated.

Try this
I believe you can do it by adding [mass update] in here
find the field in here

htdocs\custom\Extension\modules{your module name}\Ext\Vardefs

and add

$dictionary[‘your module name’][‘fields’][‘frrot_c’][‘massupdate’]=true;

Can I add checkbox to STUDIO for add params ( $dictionary[‘BeanName’][‘fields’][‘field_name’][‘massupdate’] = 1 ) for any fields ?

I find answer in