Adding invitees to a meeting


My name is Mohammed, I am new to this forum.

I recently installed SuiteCRM for use by my team. We are a WISP and I needed an efficient way in managing the productivity of my team. SuiteCRM has been installed for 2 weeks now and has made a huge difference to how we do things. I have created a custom module that manages some of the activities that my technical team have to undertake. On one of the forms the technician schedules a time to meet with the client to do a site survey, at tha point I have a workflow that creates a meeting and places it in the technicians Calendar, this is working perfectly, what I cannot seem to get working is I need to send a meeting request/invite to the client and the other members of the technicians team to notify them of the site survey and to add it to their respective calendars on acceptance.

Please assist.



Not currently possible via workflow.