Adding fields to Leads in batch?

I need to add a lot of new lead field values to match some rather long surveys we use. The number of fields makes using the Studio very tedious. I tried using phpmyadmin to create the fields in MySQL in the leads_ctsm and associated rows in fields_meta_data. Finally added the labels in the en_us.lang.php file. But a Quick Repair and Rebuild just seemed to hang the system so I guess I missed some relationship.

Is there a way to add fields outside of the Studio that I can try?


Hi James

Create a file in the following directory using


This file will contain an array like this: (These values change as to what type of field you wish to create).

$dictionary[“Lead”][“fields”][“mynewfield”] =
array (
‘name’ => ‘mynewfield’,
‘vname’ => ‘LBL_MYNEWFIELD’,
‘type’ => ‘varchar’,
‘required’ => false,
‘reportable’ => true,
‘readonly’ => true,
‘studio’ => ‘visible’,
‘comment’ => ‘’,

Now to create the label


This file will contain

$mod_strings[‘LBL_MYNEWFIELD’] = ‘Lewis’s New Field’;

Run a repair and rebuild from the admin area and your new fields should appear in studio.

Please see this document on how to create vardefs for different types of fields

Hope this helps