Adding fields to Convert Lead form

I was managed to add some extra fields to the convert Lead form, following instructions found here:

However I’ve encounter some weird behaviour:
Trying to add Address fields to Account section, the fields for some reason appears as textarea instead of input (although they are defined as text fields).
When adding extra Address field to the Contact section - it was indeed added as input. Other fields added to Account section, also added correctly as input.
adding ‘displayParams’=>array(‘size’=>25) wasn’t helping…

I’ve also added mail1 field to Account section. While the extra address fields I’ve added (mentioned above) were populated with the data, this one remains empty, although the Contact mail1 was populated.

Any idea?

If you don´t need the field in the convert Lead screen. The best way is create before_save/after_save logic hook in the Accounts module.

The mail1 and adress fields are not default input fields. So convertdefs method will not satisfy your need.

I know that its an ooold topic but I came accross the same bug and for thoses who will came here, I’ll give a small fix :stuck_out_tongue:

For the address that appears as text area here is a small work around in the convertdefs.php :

				'customCode' => '<input name="Accountsbilling_address_city" size="25" maxlength="25" type="text" value="{$fields.billing_address_city.value}">',

You can do it with all the fields that you want ! Hope it save some hour of research for some ppl.