Adding entrypoint in SuiteCRM 8

How to add new entrypoint in SuiteCRM 8?

Hi @bkm,

What kind of entrypoint do you want to add? And API entry point?

Hi @clemente.raposo,

How to add simple entrypoint in SuiteCRM 8.3.0?


I believe he is talking about the Suite8 equivalent of this:

(Suite 7 entry points)


I am still getting used to Suite8 (I really dont like Angular nor the need to “compile” an app before we can make front end changes), however I believe you can currently follow the above guide to create an traditional entrypoint, you just need to update you url’s to have “legacy” in the url (if you set your root folder to the public folder then it would be

at 8.5 in the original Suite7 instructions.