Adding Emails to Records - internal and external email clients

I’m new to SuiteCRM but have some background in S****force. I want to be able to attach transactional email (not marketing mass mailings) to Contact and other records but can not find a good explanation of how to do this. I’m interested in 2 use cases:

  • Attaching emails when the email is generated from inside SuiteCRM (i.e. SuiteCRM is the mail client)
  • Attaching emails when the email is generated in a corporate GMail account

If there is a resource available that explain this (or just parts of it) please point me in the right direction. If one does not exist, any insight would be welcome.

I am using a hosted instance of SuiteCRM so do not have the usual sysop-type access - just the application admin capabilities.

Thanks in advance

I believe what you’re looking for is to configure an Inbound email account

This can be a Gmail account or any other that has IMAP/SMTP access.

Then when you import an Email (which means, copy it into SuiteCRM) you can get it linked with any record (Account, Lead, contact)

Is this is? I am interpreting when you say “attached” you don’t say it in the sense of “email attachment”, but simply in the sense of linked, related to.

pgr - thanks for the quick response.

SO I think I have email account configured. But I think perhaps I do not understand the aspect of “copy it into SuiteCRM”. Perhaps just my ignorance of the new system. In Sforce, I could work in (say) Outlook and do a BCC to a “special address” and the Sforce system would make association with a record and attach the email to the record. I would then be able to see all the emails about a topic (Account, Opportunity etc) inside the CRM.

I’m trying to set the same thing up here but think the mechanics are different and I can’t find a good explanation.

For email, I have configured a special “administrator” account and know that is working (password initialization, notifications etc). I have also set up one user account and verified a) I can see the email inside SuiteCRM that i see in me GMail email client, b) that I can originate an email from the SuiteCRM email client and have it delivered as coming from the GMail account.

I hope this helps you figure out where I am being “dense”

Inbound and outbound email are two completely separate things, not just in SuiteCRM - in the world in general :slight_smile:

So to send Outbound email you need to configure STMP account. You do this for system emails in Admin / Outbound Email, and for specific users in the User’s profile screens. You can send test emails from there to check.

Then about linking the emails with other records inside SuiteCRM, look for an “Import” option. I don’t use this myself, so I am not very sure to what extent SuiteCRM is able to automatically do this sort of linking…

Hi pgr,

Again, thanks for the prompt reply. Yes I am definitely interested in bringing email “into” SuiteCRM. The import process described seems to refer to Case creation (that is the main skew of the documentation). I understand that and will use it. However, I’m interested in having the email exchange or thread of a sales activity or negotiation captured as part of the Contact, Account or Opportunity record.

I do understand that this is something you do not use yourself so if anyone else is reading and has insight, please weigh in.

For people who have experience with Sforce, the function I’m looking for is the equivalent of BCC of your email to the “special” email address that allows automatic integration through the API and resulting move of the email to the appropriate record inside Sforce.


Thanks in advance

I just read today that this is done with “group emails”. Try reading the section on group emails in the new documentation site.

Hi new guy. This sounds like what I want to do too. I am thinking of going with suite crm but want to be sure it can do what I need it to do. Did you find a solution? It sounds like matter management in legal software. Thanks