Adding customer VAT number and account number on invoice

How can I add to invoice customer VAT number and account number for a payment?
I have arleady added Vat number to customer, but how can import it from customer data to the invoice?

I will be very grateful for information and your help.

You can use logic hook (after_save or before_save) to adding that information to your invoice.

Or you can create a workflow that do the same thing. On the invoice saving and modify the invoices data adding the information you want.

Thank you very much. I tried to add this by workflow, but it isn’t working. Could you help me?

Hi kubeklas, did you succeed? I can not either. Can somebody help us?

No, I can’t solve it also…

Just rename “Billing Postal Code” field (you probable don’t need that field) in “VAT number” and put it in the invoice template, wherever you want. :slight_smile: